Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lil Champ's Day Out : Aquaria KLCC

As was unplanned activity..
My Other Half had to work on that Saturday and I was so frustrated.
Then, he suggested us to hang around at KLCC while waiting for him.
That was a cool idea.
Some more I dah lama tak bawak bibikku berjalan jugak.
Last I bawak dia pi Singapore pastu lepak A Famosa Resort which was on May.
We arrived at KLCC around 1 pm and we had lunch at the food court.
I had the best mee curry and Kak Maria without fail would order assam laksa.
While hanging around and around then I saw this picture then I thought why not we go to Aquaria. Kak Maria Lil Champ would love this!

My Lil Champ with his free ballon..thank you, Candylicious!

The picture which gave me the idea of visiting Aquaria..
Since I was not in the mood of writing about the visit why not I just let the pictures do the 'talking'
Shall we??hehe

Behind us is the fish we called Red bellied Piranha. Oh, my, they really look like soo innocent. Couldn't imagine how they can turn you into pieces of meat..SCary!!

Asian Small-clawed otter. Didn't snap picture with the creature because my Lil Champ was so excited to see the electrical eel..haiyoo!!!

Nelly bawak Hadiff yer..Mama tak sanggup nak tengok ular tu tidur melingkar macam tu..I couldn't stare at the snake.. It made me goose bump!

My Lil Champ is imitating me.. Tiap kali Mama tengok ular, katak bagai mesti Mama tutup mulut..Bukan Mama takot, nak..Mama Gelliiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Besides underwater animal, we can also find this.. snakes

This handsome iguana

Mama : Okay, darling..can you see..this is's going to be a frog soon..So, this is baby frog

Lil Champ : No, it's not..that's fish.Fish swims and that is hops..

Mama : errr??

Muka mama adala sebijik muka blur katak ni..Hihi..Ada tak orang sanggup cium katak ni. Who knows it may turn into a prince..ade bran??ade bran??

Punyalah susah nak suruh si bujang teruna ni bergambar bawah fish ni..
" Mamaaaaa...the fish wants to bite you!!"
Boleh dia berdrama dalam Aquaria tu..Haisshhhh!!

Buaya olok-olok. Kalau hidup memang eden lari jo

The shark. Macho,kan??Uuu, suddenly I feel the shark is a sexy creature. Did I tell you I've promised not to eat any shark fins soup anymore. I am boycotting the restaurant which serve the menu as well.  I hope it helps, Mr Macho Guy  Fish

In a tunnel. The concept is like we're watching  those fishes from under sea..Terus rasa diri macam mermaid, eh?tapi dengan anak..bolehlaa layankan kejap..hahaha

Nelly yang excited.. Senyum sampai ke telinga youuu!

Tawny Nurse Shark ~ very shy creature. Tengok tu dia menyorok lagi..

This is special. There was one time I was focusing to find a good shot sangatlah kaaan. And suddenly this little creature showed up and smile at me?" Hello little fella, you are too cute!"

Mr sexy and macho guy fish again..

Actually there were more fishes..and they have turtles too and Stingrays as well. 

Going home.. Mama gayat so pic ni gegar

These picture are my Lil Champ's art of photography. Not bad for a 2 year and half young boy!

Fat burning session with daddy..We met papa at KLCC's park
Hello, young chose to skip rather than missing the moment..

Beautiful KLCC - view from the park

Masuk kereta je terus pejam mata.. Tau pon ngantok..heh!

Mama : Alright, enough playing..let's have some rest will you?Look, u look extremely tired..
Lil Champ : No, I'm not!

Mama : Of course, my dear =.= Have a good rest, Mr Dark Night!

Tetiba selit gambar pizza homemade. Takde la pizza benor. Guna roti arab sebagai base, sapu pasta sauce, taruk sausage, capsicum, cili padi (tekak melayu disitu) and some mozarella cheese. Masuk oven and bakar sampai base tu rangup..jadik lah thin crust pizza versi orang yang tak rajin sangat

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mode : Bengang!

Serius, hari ni rasa macam nak gigit kepala orang jek..
Dari mula pagi sampai lah ke tengahari..
Mood bebetul hangen.
Dari bengang cerita Innocence of Muslim, sampailah ke cerita Rohingya, pastu tetiba pulak makcik kat bahagian kew*ng*an membebel kat telepon attack I pasal big boss kejar kerja yang sangkut kat bahagian dia. I did my part and if there's any problem on your part then dats your problem, woman!
Masalahnya bila I try nak tolong dia settle apa masalah dia makcik tu boleh sambung bebel.
Gasak kau la..nak tolong panjang pulak bebelnya..Huhh!
Elok je I sambung kerja I tetiba I dapat tau satu story pasal ketidakpuasan hati sesorang pasal isu yang dah setel.We thought bende tu dah setel but it's not!
I malas nak elaborate lebih. Yang pasti diorang marah sebab kitorang bantutkan niat diorang untuk ambil harta orang ramai. Hello, ambil hak tanpa kebenaran orang tu hukumnya haram tau.
Marah betul aku sampai tak boleh menaip..boleh?Walau korang tak paham tapi layan kan jelah perasaan yang tak mampu diluahkan ni lah yer..
Please not cross the border or else...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Genting Highland Getaway

Weehoo..we just had a short trip to Genting Highland,
Well, we didn't quite plan it actually..
I've planned it in my mind for whole Friday, but when I asked my Other Half he rejected it.
The reason was the weather. I admit that KL has been blessed with rain and ribut but there might be a slim chance that this Sunday going to be a sunny day, don't u think?
My wish has been come true when that morning tetiba my Other Half kata jomlah siap..kita pergi Genting..

We started our journey at 12pm. Cuaca agak mendung and berkabus.
We drove until Genting Skyway since my Other Half and Sissy insisted naik cable car..
Oh, no!That was not in the plan, actually, Gulp!
I sangatlah afraid of height and me hate cable car so much!
Last time I naik cable car was at Langkawi, time join company trip.
Waktu tu I takde choice but now I had a choice and I wanted to go up there by car.
Since this is democracy country and we had voted.
They won. My Lil Champ was on their side too!!

At parking area. 

Someone warned us the queue was long and it could be up to 2 hours waiting.

You, know what Mister.. We didn't care, huh!!!Thanks for the advice...
Time tu we thought it was taxi driver tried to change our mind and rent his taxi.

Errrr...Mister, you are totally right..The queue was really long and we only waited for 1 hour 59 minutes not 2 hours like what U said!

Cuba untuk berlagak gembira.. Kita bakal menjejak kaki ke kota keriangan, remember??

My Lil Champ was very well-behaved on that day. 

Yeyyyy, after 2 hours standing and waiting..Finally!!

Are U scared, darling?

No, I'm not! *I'm so proud of you*

Mama wasn't afraid, darling. It's just I don't fancy this thing!

The Skyway only took time about less than 30 minutes to reach up there. When we arrived, cepat-cepat kitorang heading to the Burger King. Oh, lupa, the topic being discussed in the cable car was "where are we going to eat". We listed all the restaurant we knew and we agreed to eat at....




Ehehee.. beratur again. This time my other Half dah tunjuk muka gangster. Alaaah, muka je garang tapi dia ni penyayang.. kehkehkeh! 

tetiba ada biskut jejari cekelat milik Hadiff. 

Look, how happy I am when I see those burgers and onion rings!!

Oh, yess.. My Lil Champ was a happy kid too! bukan senang dia nak posing ngan Mak Lang dia.. 

Lil Champ's first bite of BK and he didn't like all!

Excited kan kami??

Harga nak masuk park

Mama, look!Ada motor besar kat sana!! *My Lil Champ is sooo excited*

Mama bz melayan

Itu casino..Muslim yang baik takkan masuk kat sana :)

Adehh..banyak lagi mr potpet ni punya question..baik kita cari train

By 6pm we decided to go back. Kaki sudah mau patah!
Kesimpulannya, kami naik cable car, makan-makan, naik train seround dan balik!
It may seems boring but we really had fun together..