Tuesday, August 9, 2011

::Tak suke..tak suke::

Tak suke..tak sukee (ala-ala Fifi dalam Senduk Fifi Hotfm)
Klakar la mamat AG tu buat ala si Fifi tu..
He makes me smile by the way..thank u Mr AG from Hotfm..hehe
Okay, back to the real story..
I had been affected by food poisoning..
Gosh, it wasn't cool at all..
Pagi pegi office macam biasa..
Out of sudden, I felt like breathless..Dizzy..headache..etc.
First I thought I'm having migraine again..and when i realized I pi toilet quite often..
I googled..
Yup, without doubt..It was food poisoning..and it sucks!
I tried to settle all my works *Duh,keje mane penah abes kan..so,tipula kan*
I've asked permission from my Boss to excuse myself..cannot tahan laa..
Tapi biasala..urgent works still the priority..
and by 1 pm I balik rumah..
Guess what..the traffic was so bad at lunch hour
and i started wondering semua orang keluar lunch or sakit perut macam I jugak..pftt!
Seriously, peluh jantan, betina semua dah keluar..
The 'loya'ness is killing me..the stomach cramp is tearing me apart..
After quite some time I finally got home..
Doctor?Forget about it..All I want just to lay down on my beloved bed and my gorjes toilet..haha
Okay..sombong tak nak jumpa doktor ye..Nah kauuu..berulang la lapan kali ke toilet sampai lebam..
As a result..I cuba timbang..okay..I lost 1.5 kg yesterday..
Sanggup tak hadapi lagi?No!I rather keep my 1.5kg than having that tragedy again!
Morale of the story : Never eat lala and roti yang dikuatiri expiry datenya. Ini kerana I sorang je yang kena keracunan ini. So, I suspect lala because I never had lala before and kebetolan I masak lala untuk en Kumbang. Disebabkan sedap (terpaksa puji diri sendiri) maka I makan jugak. Kakak ofis i cakap kalau orang tak tahan memang sakit perut makan lala ni..Dang!!
And #2 is roti. I'm the only person in my house yang makan roti cicah kari (konon taknak makan nasi sebab diet). Memang doa ku dimakbulkan sebab penurunan yang drastik yer, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan..

Okay, please take care of yourself,people.. Apapun I syukur I sorang je yang kene..bukan En Kumbang or My Lil Hadiff (cewah, kira sanggup berkorban la ni)..

Here are some infos, I can share with you regarding  food poisoning ni.

Kalau nak tau camnilah muke ku semalam...

Hijau muke mak, nork!

Friday, August 5, 2011

::Fabulous Friday::

Today is the first time we are celebrating Ramadhan on Friday..
The benefits and virtues of Friday itself are so beautiful..and Friday on Ramadhan?
Go figure yourself..
No..I'm going to figure it myself, and I wanna share it here..with you and hope my kids(kids?Amin!) will read this as a guidance to themselves..

"Friday is the best Day of the week. It is the Mothers of all days and the most virtuous in the sight of Allah.In the sight of Allah it has more greatness than Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid –ul-Adha (Reported in Ibn Majah)
Masya Allah, aku menantikan Hari Raya sebagai hari yang untuk aku bergembira padahal aku diberi peluang menempuh hari yang terbaik di pandangan Allah pada setiap minggu (^_^!) Bertuahnya kami, Ya Allah!
 Friday is Sayyid-The Master of the week, the best of days, like Ramadhan is Sayyid of the Month and Surah Baraqah is the Sayyid of the Quran.
So, geddit people? We have double Rahmah today as it today is Friday the best day of week and Ramadhan the best month of year!
Ada yang mengatakan dari sesetengah aspek, malam Jumaat adalah malam yang lebih tinggi dari Lailatul Qadar..Allahuakbar!

The beauty of Friday itself is countless..but lemme share with u some of it :

There is a blessed hour on Friday during which a person is granted anything lawful and good by Allah that he prays for.
Therefore friends..always and always trust in Allah..banyakkan berdu'a di hari Jumaat..dan janganlah kite sembarangan bercakap kerana kemungkinan Allah akan mengangkat kata-kate itu sebagai du'a kita. Ada yang mengatakan Du'a yang dimakbul Allah ialah pada waktu Asar ke Maghrib (^_^)

The birds and insects meet with one another on Friday and say "peace be upon you , may it be a good day.

The Muslim who passes away on the night or during the day of Friday, Allah Ta'ala saves him from the punishment of the grave." (Tirmidhi)

Surah al Mulk is the protector from the torment of the grave, so if you dont die on friday and wont know when we are going to die, its best to read every and memorise this surah also. There is a Surah which will plead for its reciter till it causes him to enter paradise (Tabarakallahi Biyadihil Mulk).
Silalah yer...persiapkan diri kita untuk menempuh alam di sana..di sana..

If anyone performs Wudu' properly, then comes to the Friday prayer, listens to the Khutbah (religious talk) attentively and keeps silent, his (minor) sins between that Friday and the following Friday will be forgiven, with the addition of three more days; but he who touches pebbles has caused an interruption.

Either some people (i.e., hypocrites) stop neglecting the Friday prayers, or Allah will seal their hearts and they will be among the heedless.
Umat Islam digalakkan mandi sunat Jumaat, berpakaian bersih dan cantik dan memakai haruman di hari Jumaat. tapi ingat ye,kenkawan..the intention is only for Allah..bukan untuk menunjuk-nunjuk..lain pulak hukumnya tu..

Okay, yang ni je i dapat bagitau..kekangan masa and work load..
Every afternoon, the heat of jahannam is increased. However, through the blessings of jumu'ah, this will not be done on Fridays. (Ihyaa ul-Uloom)
Nanti kalau ade yang lain i sharing lagi yer..

By the way, korang boleh surf more at http://www.deenislam.co.uk/friday.htm for more infos..Kat siini banya yang diceritakan tentang kelebihan Jumaat ni.Semoga kite akan menantikan hari Jumaat kerana keindahannya bukan sebab pre-weekend, lunch hour lama bla bla.. (refer pada sendiri jugak (^_^!))
Kalau ada yang perlu diperbetulkan silalah tegur saya yang masih cetek ilmu agama.
If is there anyone who want to share anything, you are most welcome!
 Selamat Hari Jumaat dan selamat beramal,people!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

::Mr Kumbang in da Hauuss!::

Today is third Ramadhan.
Not too late to wish everyone
"Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa"
May Allah bless us all..

Another thing..

My Beloved, Sweet Mr Kumbang is back for good..
He was here since last Friday
No word can express my feeling.. how glad I am to have him around
Of course Lil Hadiff is the most excited person in the house
Tak abes- abes nak kepit papa.. Mama jeles okayy
Main ball ngan papa, kalau sakit ke apa ke tunjuk papa dulu..erghhh..

But it's okay..
I'm willing to do anything just to have u here by myside

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